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Staying Fashionable With Excellent Types of Men's T shirts

Long gone are the days when men never minded it was useful to be fashionable. As a modern man, I am very fashion conscious. Men’s fashion cuts across the entire spectrum of men attire from designer office suits to shirts, trousers, and underwear and t shirts among others. For now let’s focus on men’s T shirts.

I find T shirts very popular among men especially during warm weather. So, knowing how to remain fashionable in attire during such weather is good for me and any other fashion conscious guy.

Main types of Men's T shirts

There are at least five basic types of Men's T shirts. Of course, I have found refinements within these types. In general, these categories are:

The basic solid T shirt

These are the classic T shirts that come in simple and plain designs. When I don’t like multiple colors or anything printed on the T shirt I intend to acquire, I go for the basic bold T shirt. The good thing is that I can war these t shirts with almost any other type of attire. I only need to ensure that the color combination is just right.

Tasteful graphic tee

This is a development of the 1960s. Then, T-shirts were printed with anything and everything that touched the minds of the populace. Today, this type of T-shirts is still in vogue. The big thing about them is that they make me feel younger and more relaxed than the solid Tees. I find the tasteful graphic T shirts great for trips to the gym, laid back events or errands around town. 

The classic Henley

I am not shy of casual style. So, when I want a tee shirt with something more than the classic V-neck, this T shirt is my excellent choice. I can easily pair it with other numerous forms of work-wear such as a utility jacket, field jacket or a pair of jeans.

Pocket tee 

This type of T shirt goes beyond the standard t shirt; it can blend well with a bomber jacket, blazer and other lightweight outerwear that are popular during chilly summer nights and spring.

The stripped T shirt

For variety, I love strips on my attire, the stripped T shirt now becomes the perfect choice for me. However, am a bit big so I heed advice from fashion experts who opine that people like me should be cautious with this type of stripped tees. I avoid t shirts with horizontal stripes, which are however excellent for people with leaner bodies. The horizontally stripped T shirts only make me look plumper than I really am. Instead I go for t shirts with vertical strips. The latter type tends to make me look slimmer. Whatever the case, I do not shy away from stripped T shirts.

Considerations when shopping for T shirts

Every time I go shopping for fashionable men's T shirts, I consider the following:

The fabric

Where possible I try to go for 100% cotton t shirts. Cotton material breaths and thus cools my body in summer and also keeps it warm during winter.

The fit

As a rule of thumb, I always make sure my T shirts fit just right. I try it on, just to be sure, before I commit my money.

The Price

Fashionable does not necessarily mean expensive. I have come across very fashionable pieces at very affordable prices. I have realized it’s always wise to scout around for the best bargain before I spend my money only to realize I would have gotten the same quality at a lower price.

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